Teamir Gizaw stage performance – Olmaan Kee (Hachalu Hundessa)

teamir Gizaw Olmaan Kee Haacaaluu

Teamir Gizaw performed on Hachalu Hundessa first year memorial. The program was held in Ethiopian Skylight hotel. The program was also a release date of Hachalu new album “Maal Mallisaa”.

Addis Ababa City Administration graduates more than 650 returnees

The Addis Ababa City Administration Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs, in collaboration with the Bureau of Job Creation and Enterprise Development and the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Agency, has trained more than 650 returnees under various sessions.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Mayor and Coordinator of Public Service Institutions, Jantar Abay, said the job creation program has significantly reduced the number of illegal migration and reduced the serious human and economic harm to citizens.

He also called on the graduates to change their country and family by setting an example for others to overcome the obstacles they face.

Addis Ababa City Labor and Social Affairs Bureau Head, Tefera Molla, on his part said that it is possible to show that change is possible in the country by providing training to the residents who are returning home due to various problems.

According to Tefera, the bureau has created opportunities for returnees from different countries to engage in various activities in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the 2013 budget year.

Tefera said 100 out of the 650 returnees who graduated today have achieved job opportunities and are funded by various non-governmental organizations.

Micro and small enterprises from different sub-cities under the motto “Ethiopia is our country, our card is our prosperity”; Activists rally in support of the Prosperity Party at the Addis Ababa Stadium.

More than 50,000 micro and small scale activists from various sectors in the capital participated in the rally. Enterprises in and around the Addis Ababa Stadium have shown their full support for the Prosperity Party.

Adanech Abebe, Executive Committee of the Prosperity Party, said that we will work hard to alleviate the problem of unemployment in our city.

“We are working on projects that will benefit all the residents of Addis Ababa,” said Adanech Abebe.

“We are in the midst of a difficult time,” he said.

Adanech Abebe told more than 50,000 supporters who came out in support of the Prosperity Party.

Prosperity Party candidate, Adanech Abebe, Addis Ababa City Administration Service Institutions Coordinator, Jantar Abay, and Addis Ababa Prosperity Party Office Head, Melese Alemu, were among the candidates.

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