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Interview with Fantu Demissie (Kiya), wife of late Hachalu Hundesa

Fantu Demissie Hachalu wife

The university handed over 62 shades to Ambo City Administration

Ambo: June 26, 2013 (ENA) Ambo University handed over 62 shades to Ambo City Administration at a cost of over 8 million birr.
The reward of his reward.
The shades will be handed over to more than 200 unemployed youths organized by 62 associations.

During the handover ceremony, Ambo University Acting President Dr. Baisa Leta said: The shades will benefit young entrepreneurs who have graduated from higher education institutions.

He said the youths will use the shades to create a conducive environment for them to engage in manufacturing, trade and other income generating activities.

He said the purpose of building the shades is to help local youths find employment and change their families and countries.

Ambo City Administration Mayor Sahlu Diribsa on his part said He said the university’s support to the local community is commendable.

“We are all expected to stand by them and encourage them in everything,” he said.

According to the mayor, the shades have been constructed at the request of the city administration.

He thanked Ambo University, which covered more than 8 million birr for the construction of the sheds.

“The shades we received from the university will soon be handed over to more than 200 unemployed people organized by 62 associations,” he added.

Recognizing that accepting the shades is not the only goal, young people who are taking advantage of the opportunity should work hard on the shades and change themselves.

The handover ceremony was attended by university and Ambo city administration leaders as well as facilitators and elders.

Grade 8 graduation exams have started for more than 412,000 students in Amhara region

June 26, 2013 (ENA) The Amhara State Education Bureau announced that it has started administering 8th grade leaving exams to more than 412,000 students.

Curriculum Development and Implementation Director with the Bureau, Kase Abate, told ENA that the exam will be held from June 23 to 25, 2013.

He said 412,488 students in the state have started taking the exam.

He said the necessary manpower has been provided to successfully complete the exams being offered in various schools.

He said more than 11,000 test takers, 2,808 supervisors and more than 3,546 station officials have been assigned.

He said the exam, which started this morning in Amharic and English subjects, will end on Friday by giving indigenous languages in the region.

He said community monitoring is underway to ensure that the exam is completed peacefully.

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