Famous actress Fryat Yemane got married

Fryat wedding

Fryat Yemane is an actress, media personality, influence maker and an overall model to many young woman in Ethiopia. She is such an amazing woman engaged in supporting elders and needy. She has founded a cultural clothing maker named as Dirmug and it is functioning across the world.

She likes to read a lot. You don’t want to see too much. Those who are close to her are more witnesses to her. She has had many ups and downs in her life. She was raped as a child. It is a symbol of endurance.

She is also a professional. Her tongue is sweeter than honey. She spoke up and persuaded him. She is a role model for many women.

Her first job was modeling. She has had some success, but she has won many races. Her heart was set on the art, so she soon joined the world of film. Most recently, she has been acting as a lead actor in Azeb Worku, a talk show in the country.

The beauty of the corner is the beauty of a beautiful woman ambassador

Respect me and give me more age and health
We still expect a lot from you, we hope you will show us more!

If Prosperity Wins the Election, It Will Involve the Competing Parties in the Government Structure: PM Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has said that if Prosperity Party wins the election, it will involve rival parties in the government structure at all levels.

The Council of Civil Society Organizations held a program to thank political parties that competed in this year’s election.

The President of the Prosperity Party, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, who was present at the event, said that if his party wins the election, he will involve rival parties in the government structure from the bottom up.

He said Ethiopia has been able to hold free and democratic elections this year because we are all working for Ethiopia to win.

He also thanked Ethiopians for voting for Ethiopia on election day.

He said Ethiopians have won their country by holding peaceful and democratic elections with the principle that the country is ahead of politics.

Religious leaders, politicians, celebrities and other invited guests attended the Thanksgiving evening organized by the Council of Civic Associations.

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