Best Ethiopian celebrity photos of the week

Danayit Mekbib and other famous actresses are included in this weekly show. The photos are compiled from different sources and they are really the best once. As it is summer time we shall need something exciting about and we are into the Olympic games for which we have included our hero Kenenisa Bekele.

Ministry of Transport says it is participating in the renovation of the houses for the disabled

The Minister of Transport, W / ro Dagmawit Moges, today participated in the renovation of a house for a disabled woman in Addis Ketema Sub-City, Woreda 5.

At the same time, Ms. Dagmawit said that the ministry is participating in the renovation of the house as part of the summer volunteer service.

He said the ministry will assist 30 of the houses to be rehabilitated in the woreda this summer.

He further said that 4 container houses that were not in service have been renovated by the Ministry of Transport and handed over to the needy.

It is planned to renovate 200 houses in the suburbs this summer, which will help save many more people who will be affected by the winter.

The elected government should focus on stabilizing inflation and maintaining peace and security

Addis Ababa: June 30, 2014 (FBC) Economists and international legal experts say the elected government should focus on stabilizing inflation, maintaining peace and security.

Speaking to Fana Broadcasting Corporation, Dr. Nikuse Sime, an economics and development lecturer and researcher at Addis Ababa University, said the country needs to focus on the root causes of the problem, such as limited productivity.

He said the influx of money into the market, high demand for demand, resource constraints and related problems have been cited as reasons for inflation and rising cost of living.

He said investment should be encouraged and infrastructure should be provided, adding that the government should pay more attention to the supply of basic commodities.

Dejene Mane, an international law professor and researcher at Wollo University, on his part said maintaining peace is not a matter for tomorrow.

Dejene said the government should work hard to ensure that justice does not fall into the hands of individuals.

He said national peace and stability have a direct bearing on economic development, adding that a government or political party that comes to power with the consent of the people should address the pressing issues of the people.

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