Hanan Tariq amazing birthday celebration

Hanan Tariq celebrated her birthday on a plane. She has thanked her God for his endless blessings. She is lucky to have all the privilege love gave her.

Political parties in Dire Dawa have said they will accept the people’s decision and work hard to implement it.

The Dire Dawa administration’s Joint Council of Political Parties issued a statement today regarding the 6th general election of 2013.

The council said in a statement that despite the efforts of various parties to negatively impact this year’s election, residents of Dire Dawa administration were happy that they were able to withstand the impact and hold peaceful elections.

The Joint Council thanked the political parties that participated in the election for their peaceful participation from the pre-election period to the day of the election.

In addition, the Dire Dawa Administration Joint Council of Political Parties issued the following 6-point resolution.

First, we, the political parties in Dire Dawa, express our great happiness that the 6th national election ended peacefully without any noise in our city administration.

Second, we would like to thank all the parties, especially the peace-loving people of Dire Dawa, for their perseverance in casting their votes peacefully from 12:00 to 3:00 pm.

Third: We, the political parties, acknowledge all the efforts made by the security forces in the Dire Dawa administration to ensure the smooth running of the election process.

4th: We, the political parties operating in the city, welcome the decision of the people and strive for its implementation.

5th: We would like to thank the Dire Dawa City Administration for its efforts in making the election a success.

  1. We will reaffirm our readiness to work with the government on various issues to further improve the peace and development of Dire Dawa.

Dire Dawa City Administration Joint Council of Political Parties.

Thanksgiving program was held for those who have made a significant contribution to the completion of the 6th national election in Dire Dawa administration in a free, peaceful and fair manner.

The Dire Dawa City Administration Peace Council has been established by the Dire Dawa City Administration. , Civic associations, and members of all nine kebeles in the administration.

Ahmed Mohamed Buh, Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration, thanked the residents of Dire Dawa for electing the party they want peacefully and freely, despite the pressure exerted by various foreign countries on the success of the 6th general election. Provided.

   The head of the Dire Dawa administration's Justice, Security and Legal Affairs Bureau, Musa Taha, said the 6th national election was completed peacefully.

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