Eregnaye part 10 – Sayat Demissie drama

You start directing a movie by Kidist Yilma with a fictional scribble in her mind outside of the story!  And those imaginary images, when they go into a frame, they tell the story alongside the story itself!
Because you know the heights and the depths! Eregnaye! I’m not in a hurry to admire! Kidist also got public support after her movie named as Rebuni.

I don’t have to ask for a second chance when they come up with ideas! beautiful casting: Eye-catching Location Well-washed community; Omni Shot, a multi-director show that needs to be broken, seems to have come from another height, with the beautiful show of the Runaway editor Kidist Yilma!
Author: Azeb Worku
                   Kidist Yilma

Preparation: Kidist Yilma
Executive Producer
                   Mrs. Tsegaab
                   Kidist Yilma
Eregnaye: Monday; Wednesday: Friday on Arts TV from 9 p.m.

For Woman,

When choosing a marriage mate, you may want to look for a rich, attractive, or well-groomed bride.

Marriage is a wonderful way of life.

Sister, if you want a life partner who is not beautiful in appearance, not beautiful in clothes, but pure in heart, do not compare the man you love with anyone. Respect religion and give him a husband who fears the Creator.

Take care of him, but don’t argue. Your husband is your source of happiness.

Yanchbal Lanch is your beautiful and beautiful king. Respect him and strengthen him. If you make a mistake, give it a try
May God give us all a husband who will endure, for he who fears the Creator will honor his marriage.

For Guys

Appearance is not a marriage. It is a blessing to be able to find a woman who fears her Creator right now.

Think of the way she views you, not her appearance
My brother, if you want success in your life, marry a woman whose heart is restless, not your eyes. Listen to your heart, for it is very beautiful.

Your wife is only beautiful and beautiful. Your wife, Queen Naat, my brother, do not compare your wife with anyone. Living on your own is wisdom. Don’t Comparison Your Life If you live like yourself, you will be happier if you compare yourself to each other, not to anyone else.

Appearance is not marriage. It does not stop the nest. Fear the Creator. Respect the marriage.

“God does not separate the one who connects.”

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