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The foundation stone of the 32-story multi-storey building to be built by the Ethiopian Teachers Association has been laid

The Ethiopian Teachers’ Association has laid the foundation stone for the construction of a 32-storey multi-storey building in Addis Ababa at a cost of 2.8 billion birr.

Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe, along with the Minister of Education, Dr. Eng. Getahun Mekuria, and the President of the Ethiopian Teachers Association, Dr. Yohannes Benti, laid the foundation stone for the building to be built in Sengatara area of Lideta Sub-City of Addis Ababa, according to the Press Office of the Mayor’s Office.

The deputy mayor said the city administration will provide the necessary support for the construction of the building.

Adanech said the city administration will designate one of the city’s squares for teachers.

in addition, she also thanked the Ethiopian Teachers Association for providing space for the multi-purpose building to be built.

The Ethiopian Teachers’ Association should also be commended for providing space for the multi-purpose building. Dr. Engineer Getahun said all teachers in Ethiopia should work together to build the building.

The Ethiopian Teachers’ Association is constructing 4,382 square meters of land provided by the Addis Ababa City Administration in Sengatara area of Lideta sub-city and has a budget of 2.8 billion birr.

The board decided to provide 50,000 birr each to 148 private candidates

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has announced that it will provide financial assistance to 148 individual candidates and compensate them for their election day.

Election Board Communication Adviser Solia Shimeles made the statement.

In a statement, it announced that it would provide 50,000 birr each to 148 private candidates for the Federal and Regional Council.

Solia Shimeles said the board will announce the names of the candidates on Monday.

“It is not possible to campaign from tomorrow; The media is not allowed to promote political parties and party programs” he said.

However, in the coming days, he said, he would be encouraged to report on the electorate, the ballot papers, the ballot papers and the ballot papers.

“We are working with Facebook to prevent election fraud” said the consultant. “In particular, we work on verifying the authenticity of information disseminated on social media and downloading false information” as ENA reported.

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