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Ethiopia is one of the top 100 pioneers in technology by 2021

For the first time in its history, Ethiopia is on the list of European 2021 technology pioneers.

The World Economic Forum has made Ethiopia one of the 100 most technologically advanced companies in the world.

Ethiopia is represented by Cambridge Industries, which is developing sustainable urban infrastructure to convert waste into energy in an effort to control climate change.

This year, the list was released using cyber security, robotics and other artificial intelligence to improve access to health care and finance.

Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and El Salvador are among the first to be named in the sector, with more than 30 percent of the companies selected being women.

Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana are among the countries in Africa.

The United States was the first country to select more than 40 institutions, followed by Israel, Britain, Japan, France, Germany and China.

“Let us continue to intensify our efforts to lift citizens off the streets before winter arrives.”፦ adanech abebe

Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe called on the government to continue its efforts to lift citizens off the streets before the onset of winter.

The deputy mayor donated the wardrobe donations to the disabled at various forums.

Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe attended the Giorgis Church and Beni Mosque in the Piazza area and returned the donations of those who fell on the streets and in the church. It is said that they donate to the needy, the debtors and the vulnerable citizens.

Ms. Adanech Abebe, who presented the gift, said that when we inaugurate various forums and projects, we represent the people and encourage us in the form of a prize. “I thank you for all that you have given me,” he said.

I am the first to reward those who have done so much for the country and those who have taken to the streets and churches; Debtors, debtors, He said on his behalf that he had helped save them from the cold and rain of winter.

According to information obtained from the Addis Ababa Press Secretariat, they called on the debtors to change their lives in a sustainable manner and to continue their efforts to lift them off the streets before winter.

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