Addis Legesse – Anchi Ye enjori fre (new Ethiopian music 2021)

From the world of Tiktoku to the TV series … I would not recommend a parent who heard of the death of baby Joshua to allow Tiktok for his teenagers.

It was stated that the Grand Ramadan fasting program, which is being held on the basis of mutual support, will further strengthen the brotherhood and solidarity.

The grand Ramadan fasting program, which has been held for the past several days, continues today. The event, organized by the Dire Dawa Prosperity Party Youth League, was held for the 1442 time during the Kebele 02 administration's 7th Sefer Mosque. The program was attended by youths who participated in the organization of the Youth League in all nine kebeles of the city. At the secret ceremony, the audience expressed their wishes for peace and development in our country. Mohamed Musse, head of the Dire Dawa Prosperity Party's Youth League office, said the main purpose of the Grand Ramadan fasting program is to strengthen our unity and to send a message to the youth to exercise their democratic rights. He further said that he will create similar forums in all nine kebeles with the participation of the youth.

Kebele 02 Administration Chief Executive Officer, Wondmaagegen Beshah, said the program is a show of brotherhood, unity and tolerance, as well as a culture of sharing and support. He said such programs should be strengthened as it will help to build our country and spread the feeling of Ethiopianness in all as well as dispel misconceptions.

He also said that they will work to strengthen our culture of caring and support by organizing similar kinship programs in the next kebele.

According to Seid Ali, Deputy Executive Director of Kebele 02 Administration, the ongoing secret program is a sign of religious tolerance and respect as it strengthens national brotherhood. He also conveyed his message to the youth to contribute to the peaceful, democratic and acceptable election of the people.

Yassin Muse Abdullahi, a village committee member of the Kebele 02 administration, known as the 7th Sefer Mosque, said the preparation of such a program will strengthen our culture of mutual support. He said the same forum should continue as the secret ceremony strengthens our unity.

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