Meek1one and Blen Mamo – Abet Abet New Ethiopian Music 2021

Meek one has released a music video titled as “shegye Shegitu” and it was a real hit in the tiktok world. Thousands of users had used the song in the duet mode.

Tamagne Beyene was seen kneeing infront of pm Abiy in Washington three years ago. And today he is speaking about it.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) is celebrating the day of the crucifixion in Dire Dawa. What makes the last Friday of Lent different from other days is the day when Jesus Christ died on the cross and gave His life for all mankind. It is celebrated with fasting, prayer and adoration. With this in mind, the Day of the Crucifixion was celebrated by Orthodox Christians throughout Dire Dawa. He said that Jesus Christ died for the sake of mankind by being whipped, nailed to a cross, and given a crown of thorns.

With this in mind, he said that he would spend the day fasting, praying, and praying to God, asking his followers to pray. Dr. Abune Aregawi also said that the day of the crucifixion is a day of perfect poverty for the people as it is a day of poverty, love, peace and forgiveness. He also pointed out that the day was special because it had been in debt and debt for five thousand five hundred years, and on this day Jesus Christ tore up the debt. It is also the day when Christ showed His perfect love for mankind in the face of suffering. On the other hand, Blessed Abune Aregawi said it was a day when he forgave them because they did not know who crucified, nailed, pierced his side and crowned thorns. Dr. Abune Aregawi said that we have learned from Jesus Christ that compassion, mercy, forgiveness, love and peace from the cross, when we think of the crucifixion, we should help the helpless, the naked, the white and the accused.

On the other hand, he said forgiveness is very important for all the people of our country as we learn forgiveness from the day of the crucifixion. He also said that when we celebrate Easter, we should do good things for all mankind. He pointed out that celebrating the holiday by supporting and helping the needy is a way of thinking about Christ. According to Dr. Abune Aregawi, we should take all necessary precautions during the celebration and apply all the professional advice given. He also said that the followers of the faith should protect themselves from the virus by vaccinating them when they have the opportunity to receive the vaccine. He said we should celebrate by sharing. At the same time, followers of all faiths should pray for peace, love and unity in our country. He also wished the people of Ethiopia and the followers of the faith a happy holiday.

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