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We will pass by the power of His resurrection!!

The pain is excruciating until Friday. Those who watch the resurrection on Friday, however, know that the tribulation will pass. When the dark Friday is defeated by the light of the resurrection, then it is Passover. Resurrection is not to be taken lightly.

If we can climb the steep slope, it will lead us to victory. No matter how tempting it may be to pass on Friday, we will overcome it all and see the light of the resurrection.

With the power of his resurrection he paved the rough path, We can complete the morning journey of our country by starting the hill.

Resurrection is a celebration of victory, joy, and transcendence.

በጣም ፈራለሁ!

The Church of the SubGenius is not called the Church of the SubGenius. If the gospel does not change the mindset, it is not the gospel. I am so afraid that we will not be able to rebuild the church that Jesus Christ destroyed on the cross.

It is a church that is afraid to carry the gospel. It is a church that is afraid of being persecuted. I don’t think there is anyone in the world like us who wants to be separated. Man seeks to be united. We have never seen such a time when we have to seek separation, suffering, language, race, tribe, river.

We dig in the shade, we dig in the mix. We are one, created in the image of the Trinity, and born again on the cross. Our color, our culture, our language, are different. What unites us? It is a cross. I don’t think the church needs the gospel. It is a crime to rebuild and rebuild the walls of enmity that Jesus broke down on the cross.

The church is called to be a proclamation. We are not called to rebuild, but to declare that the wall has been torn down. He killed us on the cross and made the entrance his own blood, killed the cause of our loss, and made us build a temple for him so that we could become one family, one nation.

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