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EZMA works to ensure social justice for the people – Prof. Berhanu Nega

Addis Ababa: April 26, 2014 (FBC) The party’s leader, Prof. Berhanu Nega, said Ethiopians will work to ensure social justice by responding to the economic and political demands of the people.

The professor discussed with members and supporters about the sixth general election in Arbaminch town today.

He said the country’s politics are based on race, which has led to attacks on the people.

He said Ethiopian politics should be separated from race and religion.

He said a few people in Ethiopia’s political history have been spectators of the prosperous Ethiopian people for centuries, adding that EZEMA will work to ensure social justice by answering the people’s economic and political questions in a fair way.

He said the party fully believes in the federal system, but said that it should be governed by citizens, not by representatives.

He said Ethiopia has benefited from its people but has been dragged back by mismanagement and greed.

He said the government has been a servant of the party as it is mixed with the party and the government.

He said this year’s election will be the first democratic and genuine election in Ethiopias history.

He urged all party members and supporters to be patient and work hard for the success of the election.

Nega Balcha, a member of EZMA in Chencha Woreda of Gamo Zone, for his part; He said this year’s election will bring a leader who can fundamentally solve our problems.

According to Amarech Kilko of Arba Minch town, the cost of living and security can only be alleviated by the people of the country.

According to ENA, the education system needs to be improved to produce qualified citizens as the number of unemployed graduates is increasing and the number of unemployed is increasing.

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