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According to the report, China would not force poor countries to pay their debts but would assess their situation and facilitate their repayment. State China will work with developing countries to pay their debts through the Belt and Road Initiative, State Minister of Trade Chian Kiming said. He said the country is working on sustainable cash flow and profit-making projects in developing countries. He said Beijing will work on green, low-carbon and high-quality infrastructure projects that can reduce environmental impact. He said some developing countries face high debt risk, adding that China will not force poor countries to pay their debts, but will instead assess their situation and facilitate their repayment.

A system for transferring employees from one institution to another is to be implemented

Addis Ababa: April 20, 2014 (FBC) The Addis Ababa City Public Service and Human Resource Development Bureau announced that it will implement a system to transfer employees from one institution to another to make the services provided by government offices accessible and efficient.

The head of the bureau, Hailu Lule, said a directive will be implemented to provide accessible and efficient services by transferring staff to institutions that face high service and good governance problems.

He said 11 institutions with high service ethics, problem solving, service spirit and initiative as well as good performance will be assigned to the 11 institutions that are said to suffer from service delivery and public harassment from the center to the sub-city and woreda.

Hailu said the pilot project has recently been implemented by the Bureau of Land Development Management.

He further said that it will be applied to other institutions based on research and service needs of the community.

In addition to enhancing the knowledge and skills of the staff, a technology-enabled system is being developed to facilitate service delivery, he said.

He said the new system is designed to temporarily alleviate service abuse.

According to Hailu የ, the system is not intended to reduce or increase wages.  According to the press office of the city administration, the staff will be evaluated and assigned by an independent body based on their educational background and work experience.

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