Maebel Episode 125 Kana Television Drama

Maebel is the latest Amharic dubbed Turkish drama series. It over took the completed Yetelekele drama which thousands followed with full interest.

Dire Dawa has been under construction for more than 115 years. በነዚህ ዓመታትም The city has grown in various fields. One of these sectors is the construction of a road that will facilitate the flow of traffic. As an administration, a lot of work has been done and is being done, and work is underway to sustain the city’s growth and alleviate traffic congestion.

The French government-sponsored organization has been conducting research at various times. Dire Dawa Mayor Ahmed Mohamed Buh said the study will help alleviate traffic congestion related to the city’s growth and population growth.

According to the mayor, the condition of the roads, the type of transport we can use and the way the urban community can use the transport have been presented and discussed.

According to the mayor, the study presented three options. The first option is to build Dire Dawa in two cities, which will cost a lot of money to build a road connecting the two cities.

On the other hand, the second option is to establish a decentralized city, which requires a lot of road construction and is expensive, and the third option is to make Dire Dawa a single big city and provide adequate roads for the people to use properly.

According to Ahmed Mohamed Buh, the administration has suggested to the study body that the third option be better. He said the road construction project will have four stages and the location of the roads will be reviewed by the research team.

He said the project will alleviate the traffic congestion that Dire Dawa could face in the next 20 years due to its growth and population growth.

According to Ahmed Mohamed, the mayor of Dire Dawa, the administration is working to expand its investment in four sub-cities and expand the investment in all areas.

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