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The community should already get a voting card and prepare it – the head of the Afar region

Addis Ababa: April 26, 2014 (FBC) The Chief of the Afar Regional State, Awel Arba, urged the public to take the voting card that will enable them to elect a representative who will protect their democratic rights.

The head of state said he was in Chira Woreda, Awsi-Resu Zone, when he received his voting card. The regional government is working with stakeholders to ensure that the 6th general election is transparent, fair and democratic.

He said the issue will not be left to the government and the Electoral Board alone to complete the election successfully.

In particular, he said, competing political parties in the region should play their part by coordinating their members at the lower level to ensure a peaceful and democratic election.

In the next few days, the public should be prepared to cast their ballots at the nearest polling stations, ENA reported.

He said the public should use the voting card to select the best representatives for the country and the people.

He said the state is committed to making the election transparent and democratic by fulfilling its responsibilities as a government.

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