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Elders call on parties to give priority to peace

Abageda and elders called on rival parties to prioritize peace during their upcoming general elections.

Commenting on the election, Abba Geda Negeso Gemechu of West Arsi Zone said: It is everyone’s responsibility to make the choice fair and peaceful.

He said Ethiopians, despite their different identities, need to work together to focus on national unity rather than ethnic differences.

Ali Sheikh Ibrahim, an elder in Liben Zone of the Somali Regional State, on his part said parties should refrain from ethnic and religious agendas that may incite people against the people.

Sidama Elder Nure Nuka said this year’s election will be a special occasion for the people of Sidama.

He said all parties must follow a peaceful path to make this election a success. According to ENA, elders and fathers are fulfilling their responsibilities by advising the people.

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