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Working with various institutions to alleviate unemployment in Ethiopia – Federal Employment Creation Commission

The Federal Job Creation Commission said it is working with various private and public institutions as well as industries to alleviate the problem of unemployment in Ethiopia.

Federal Job Creation Commission Commissioner Nigusu Tilahun said 1.6 million jobs have been created in the past six months.

Of these, 38 percent are temporary jobs and 62 percent are permanent.

However, he said more attention needs to be paid to job creation compared to the current number of unemployed people in the country.

According to the commissioner, various activities are being carried out based on research to alleviate the problem of unemployment. In particular, they will focus on enabling citizens to have permanent employment opportunities.

He said the government will work to increase the number of permanent job opportunities to 80 percent. He said the commission will work closely with private and public institutions, industries and factories to achieve this.

He said various efforts will be made to create new jobs by drawing on the experience of other countries.

He recalled that many job opportunities have been created, adding that readiness is needed to turn the problem into a job opportunity and build capacity to adapt to the current situation.

He said the commission will create a platform for successful people in the field of job creation and macroeconomics to share their experiences with the youth.

According to ENA, plans are underway to enable youths to benefit from job opportunities in the tourism sector.

Every year, more than 2 million new job seekers enter the market in Ethiopia. Of these, 200,000 are graduates of various higher education institutions.

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