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We need to develop Dire Dawa by using the Dutch River for development.

Dire Dawa Administration Council Speaker Fatum Mustefa.

An integrated climate change adaptation project is being carried out at a cost of about six million birr.

Speaking on the occasion, the Speaker of the Administration, Fatum Mustafa, said the project should be used to develop Dire Dawa River. Creativity: He said it will enable the youths to create a place of recreation and sports attractions known as Dire Dawa.

Dire Dawa Local Government, Forest and Climate Change Authority General Manager, Abdu Mohammed, said the project is important for accelerating the development of the city. He said the project is working tirelessly in collaboration with stakeholders.

The study, which is being conducted at the University of Oromia with the support of six million birr, is based on the forecast for the next hundred and two hundred years of the administration.

Participants in the discussion forum said that the project is one of the major projects that will enhance Dire Dawas image and restore Dire Dawa to its former glory.

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