The untold story of Fryat Yemanes marriage

Fryat Yemane is a pioneer youmg entrepreneur who was able to found a cultural clothing maker company who is engaged at exporting traditional clothes.

The court upheld the decision of the Board of Elections against the arrested Balderas leaders

The Board of Elections reaffirmed the decision of four imprisoned leaders, including the chairman of the Balderas party, Eskinder Nega, not to run in the upcoming elections.

The court upheld the Electoral Boards decision that four jailed leaders, including Balderas party chairman Eskinder Nega, should not run in the next election.

The decision was upheld by the Federal High Courts 1st Electoral Court, which upheld the Board’s decision this afternoon.

Eskinder Nega, Chairman of the Balderas Party; When I saw him, the party appealed against the request of four jailed leaders, including Chakol and Keleb Seyoum, to run in the next election, which was rejected by the Ethiopian Electoral Board.
The Electoral Board responded to the partys appeal to the Supreme Court in March.
The Ethiopian Electoral Law and the Board of Elections prohibit the imprisonment of Balderas leaders, as they have the right not to be directly prosecuted if they register to run for office.

He responded by saying that they had not been registered as candidates; The tribunal, which ruled in favor of the partys appeal and the Boards response, upheld the decision by a majority vote.

On the other hand, the 5th Electoral Court of the same court ruled on the application of the United Oromo Liberation Front and the response of the Electoral Board.

Following the appeal by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to the court that it was inappropriate to cancel the membership, the Board of Elections said that the party did not meet the criteria and that it was less than 23 percent.

The court unanimously ruled that the decision of the Board of Elections was valid and that the decision of the Electoral Board was valid.

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