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Expansion work to provide electricity to more than 8,000 residents in Wolayita Sodo

The Ethiopian Electric Service (EES) announced that the Wolayita Sodo District has constructed electrical infrastructure that will benefit 8,000 residents in the new villages.

More than 400 customers have already been provided with power in five of the villages under construction, and many are concluding contracts with the institution, said Andualem Abraham, head of the Wolayita District Customer Service, Sales and Grievance Bureau.

He said the community should be aware that the infrastructure is its own due to the occasional theft of wires and fuses in the district.

Head of the Distribution, Construction and Operations Bureau of the district, Geresu Tega, on his part said the cost of the expansion was covered by the city administration with a budget of 6.6 million birr.

According to the Ethiopian Electric Service, one 100 kW and eight 315 kV transformers, more than 420 low and four km transmission lines have been installed.

He said 26 low and 43 medium power transmission line pillars have been installed with the additional 1.8 million birr paid by the administration.

He said power transmission line poles have been installed and the installation of transformers and transformers has not been carried out due to demarcation issues in the area.

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