SelamawitSelamawit Yohannes and Fikremariam Gebru – Nafkot

This was the first official song for the famous singer Selamawit Yohannes and it introduced her to the fans.

The cloud application of cloud computing technology has been successfully completed – PM Abiy Ahimed

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on his part said the successful implementation of cloud computing technology has been successfully completed.

The launch of the Cloud Rain Technology was held in the presence of other ministers and invited guests, including the Prime Minister.

In a message posted on his social media page, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said, “The technology shows that our country’s activities in terms of power generation and irrigation can be supported by more rains.” He said.

“In order to focus on such efforts to modernize the country, all our people must work with law enforcement to eliminate the culprits and stop the crime,” he added.

“Our country’s growth is Africa’s growth. Thank you to all who participated in the pilot process,” he said.

In his inaugural address, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the technology will greatly enhance the country’s food security and sustainability efforts.

He said the technology will make it possible for rain-fed areas to have access to light and to provide electricity to every farmers hut.

“Ethiopia is undergoing a number of irrigation projects, he said, adding that it is a technology that will fill our dams when there is a shortage of water and create an opportunity for our fields to thrive when they are dry.”

We must work to develop our country without paying attention to those who say they cannot work. They say cooperation is needed.

They also mentioned that there have been successful attempts over the past two months.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reportedly provided financial support for cloud computing.

A task force has been set up under the leadership of the Prime Minister, and the Information Network Security Agency, the Meteorological Agency and other institutions have been working together to enrich the project.

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