Nigsti, Bayush and Azeb on liyu tune

This is a game prepared on Liyu tune inviting famous artists. It is really enjoyable program that any one interested can watch and follow.

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According to Ambassador Alemtsehai, he held talks with the Ugandan Minister of Defense.

According to Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda Alemtsehai, he discussed bilateral and regional issues with Ugandan Defense Minister Adolf Kasaija.

He said the two countries are working together for peace and stability in the region through the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The implementation of agreements in the sector was also discussed.

At the same time, Ambassador Alemtsehai briefed on current national issues.

He described the government’s crackdown on the TPLF extremist group as a surprise attack on the North Command.

He said the government is currently providing humanitarian assistance to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the extremists and to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the region.

On the other hand, while the government is focusing on the rule of law in the Tigray region, he said Sudan has seized Ethiopian land by force.

He said the move violates agreements reached between the two countries to resolve the border issue peacefully.

For his part, Minister Adolf Kejaja said Ethiopia should use the victory of Adwa as a model for the liberation of the whole of Africa.

He said the people and government of Ethiopia have the capacity to overcome current problems and are confident in this.

He lauded Ethiopia’s efforts to resolve the Ethio-Sudan border peacefully by respecting African brotherhoods and agreements as well as resolving them in a peaceful manner.

Finally, the two countries have reached an agreement to further strengthen cooperation and relations in the defense sector, according to information obtained from the Spokesperson’s Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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