Artist Bayush Kebede Mitu breakup

Bayush kebede mita

Artist Bayush is performing in Ethiopoan film industry ever since her 15th birthday.

GondarGondar town distributes illegally stored agricultural products at affordable prices.

Gondar City Trade and Market Development Department said that illegally harvested agricultural products are being distributed to the public at affordable prices.

The city's Trade and Market Development Department said 35,000 agricultural products have been illegally stored in Arada, Maraki and Azezo-Tseda sub-cities alone.

It is stated that the department is taking action against businesses.

The head of the department, Ato Aderajew Alabe, told ENA that the products have been sold to the community at affordable prices through consumer associations.

He said action is being taken against companies that illegally stockpile produce and increase prices.

Today, 1,200 quintals of illegally stored and 185 quintals were smuggled into the city, he said.

He also called on the public to cooperate by pointing out illegal traders.

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