Actress Makda Afework and why she stopped acting

Makda Afework love life

Actress Makda Afework is a known and famois Ethiopian film industry personality. She came to the film industry when she performed as a lead actress on “MARA” movie.

This movie has focused on Ethiopian school life and the challenges family faces in raising their children’s.

The House approved the revised Commercial Law Proclamation.

The House of Peoples’ Representatives today approved the 34-year-old draft law on trade law.

It is to be recalled that the draft proclamation has been in effect for the past 62 years and has been amended since 1979 due to various reasons.

After a year and a half of detailed amendments, the House of Representatives unanimously approved it.

Section 825 of the draft law has been amended to include only the business sector.

The new Commercial Law Proclamation is expected to be up-to-date for the next 30 years.

The proclamation allows for one-person cooperatives and does not require small-scale workers and those involved in agriculture and forestry to be registered in the trade system.

It allows any individual or organization that wishes to participate in the business process to participate in the business process unless otherwise prohibited by law.

It is stated that the proclamation requires a person who wants to participate in the business system to have a short and efficient business licensing service.

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