Comedian Eshetu in Virginia to meet his soulmate

Eshetu has travelled to the US to meet his soul mate while Ethiopians in Sudan has shown solidarity.

I picked up my phone and said it was September..I’m so happy…I told her that I was in church and that I was sitting here when she called yesterday. She said, “Just pray for me.”

I told her how I spent it today. I told her that my uncle was coming and I told her that I was coming and that I would go to him tomorrow.

Meski: Oh, you didn’t go today. If you had gone, I wouldn’t have found you.

How shocked I was .. Happiness I know I am living a stable life here. But I left you without doing anything for you. Suddenly I left without doing anything for you. I sent you a small amount of money in your name. Take it out and try to do something of your own. I feel tears welling up in my eyes.

I was thrilled to think of my life as a new baby. I said to Sag, choking me, “Is this your truth?” We talked for a while and the phone rang …

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