Dagim Belay – Libe Birega (Amazing Ethiopian Music 2021)

This song was relased few days ago but the attention given was really not in standard with the quality of the music.

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Ethiopian Diaspora working to counter undue pressure on the country – Ethiopian Diaspora Agency

Ethiopians living in different parts of the world and friends of Ethiopia are trying to resist the undue pressure on the country, the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency said.

It is known that there are some international organizations and the media that are working to put unreasonable international pressure on Ethiopia in connection with the government’s law enforcement action in the Tigray region.

As a result, false information has been leaked to tarnish Ethiopia’s image, the agency said.

Agency Director General, Selamwit Dawit, told ENA that the Diaspora community is working to reverse this unjust pressure.

He said the government is providing humanitarian assistance to the Tigray State to ensure that no group is harmed.

The reality is that some international organizations and media outlets are not providing accurate information to the world.

He said the agency is working to coordinate the Diaspora so that the international community has a better understanding of the current situation in Ethiopia.

According to Selamwit, the agency is working with Ethiopians working in various international organizations to reverse this unjust pressure.

He also said that efforts are being made to dispel the false information about the Tigray region by media owners, people close to the media, Diaspora media and concerned Ethiopians.

He recalled that Ethiopians living in the United States, Canada and Geneva have held peaceful demonstrations and called for Ethiopias sovereignty to be respected.
He said the message of the protests was that no third party could interfere in Ethiopias internal affairs.

In addition to protesting, the director-general said that the Diaspora community has collected and sent signatures to the relevant international organizations and governments to understand the truth.

He also said that the Ethiopian Diaspora is writing articles in French, English and Arabic languages that reflect the current situation.

He reiterated the need for the Diaspora community to work together to withstand the pressure of third parties in Ethiopia.

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