Comedian Eshetu talks about his love life

Comdian Eshetu came to fame after replacing Netsanet Workineh on famous ebs TV show Yebeyeseb Chewata.

“We can develop and change Ethiopia by creating development ideas” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

“We can develop and change Ethiopia by creating development ideas,” said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

He said the project is part of the Wonchi-Dendi Eco Tourism Project, which is part of the Gebeta for the country project.

“Wonchi, Dendi, Woliso and Ambo areas are beautiful and attractive; The people are hardworking, they are a people who live by tradition, ”he said.

It is one of the few high places in the country and is suitable for living, he said.

“The magnificent church is built in the 14th century and is more than 700 years old. It has a lot of history and is suitable for tourism, so we can do some work to make it visit the world,” he said.

He said Wenchi is close to Addis Ababa and if there is a road and an airport, it could be a destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

“The development of the Wonchi area will benefit the local youth, it will benefit Oromia, and moreover it will benefit Ethiopia; It will be a great beauty for Africa, ”he said. “We will work hard day and night to inaugurate the project we started today after one year,” he said.

He said the area is known for its horse goggles, which will determine the date of the annual horse goggles and promote our culture and make the area more attractive for tourism.

“Oromia region is known for its athletes; “We will work to inform the world not only about the race, but also about our culture and history,” he said.

He said the government will work to create job opportunities for the youth and make the farmers plow in the morning and trade in the afternoon.

He said the area is the birthplace of heroes such as Fitawrari Habte Giorgis Dengde (Abamela), Balcha Safo (Abanefso), Geresu Duki, who saved Ethiopia from invading enemies and maintained Ethiopian unity.

Prime Minister Abiy also said that Lorette Tsegaye G. Medhin, one of the leading figures in the field of knowledge, philosophy and ideas, came from this area. The Prime Minister said peace and inclusion are part of the Oromo culture and the people should strengthen this culture.

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