Zebiba and Esayas – bey enhid harer

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ECX said he will continue to strengthen the confidence of sellers and buyers.

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) said it will continue to strengthen its efforts to ensure that traders and buyers trust in the market.

Opening the program, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Law Enforcement Officer, Shimeles Habtewold, said the program was designed to inform members and exporters of the recent reforms and regulations to enable customers to trust the market and improve their confidence in the commodity market. He asked the participants to actively monitor the program to gain a better understanding of the operation of the commodity market and the relevant changes.

Fikru Dereje, Customer Order Registration Specialist at the Commodity Exchange, in his presentation to the participants of the program, explained the importance of customer order registration, registration process, and the responsibility of customers who have given orders to the link members. Addis Seifu, General Manager of Product Marketing and Law Enforcement, also briefed the participants on the rights and obligations of marketing players. You explained.

Participants also said that the commodity market law is well established and its implementation has made them believe in the trading system. He called on the commodity market to continue this. In particular, last year, some traders engaged in illegal trade, but the Commodity Exchange saw this and sold their products the next day. He announced that.

In addition, there are questions about how to find fast-moving forums in the commodity market, the limit on the amount of goods a buyer can buy, and what the commodity market is doing to control illegal transactions with stakeholders, including the Ministry of Revenue, the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Shimeles Habtewold, who chaired the forum, and Bereket Meseret, Chief Operating Officer of the Commodity Exchange, said the market is working hard to prevent illegal trade and bring more products into the trading system. ፡ Searching According to Bereket, the Commodity Exchange has consulted with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to ensure that all buyers have the opportunity to buy one product per day.

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