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Today, we would like to make a suggestion to you from a member of the group, but before we get into the matter, we would like to comment on the matter. We say it must work hard to uphold the rule of law so as not to tarnish the image of the country!
And why is it so difficult to manage the parking lot of a multi-million dollar park?

Entoto Park and organized parking thieves.

I went to Entoto Park at 12 o’clock last week. I stopped at a parking lot, and as I was about to enter, I was told that the police at the door could not enter until 12 o'clock. When I was about to leave, the kids came with the car and told me to pay for the parking. I was surprised. I gave him 5 birr and he said it was 40 birr.

A week later, we went to the park again at about 10 o’clock today. I was with my friends for about 2 hours, so we got out and got in the car. 3 children came and stood. I gave them 20 birr. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. I gave them 60 birr and I left. They were angry. My friend said, “This is a robbery. Stop the car.” The policemen angrily took us and said, “It’s 5 birr per hour. If you want more, it will increase you. But who are you?”

I thought that because they were organized thieves, they would harass anyone who said they would not pay. I thought that if they bothered me, I would return with the police the next day. It was good, and I went home in peace.

We can only stop such robberies together. People who park in that area do not have to pay. If you receive 100 birr from 1 car, you will receive 1000 birr from 10 cars and 10,000 birr from 100 cars. This is a great injustice. They come together without doing anything and steal that much money every day. There are a lot of cars in the area, and the government should put in place people who carry wood and can afford it.

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