Hewan Gebrewold interview with Seifu

Hewan had a great interview with Seifu discussing about range of topics including her music life and career so far.

Farmers will ensure our overall prosperity by doing proper watershed development work

Gendegebere is one of the 9 rural kebeles under the Aseliso cluster. The kebele is mainly known for its irrigation development activities. As a result, farmers in the kebele produce a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as Dire Dawa, which is a manifestation of Amboshok, Timir and other fruits.

Farmers in the kebele are undertaking various soil and water conservation and conservation activities in the 8th integrated watershed development project. Bogale Abayneh, an agricultural development worker in Gende Gebre Rural Kebele, said this year’s basin development works include 3.5 km of canal maintenance, 2 springs, 1 km of terrace, 1 km of road maintenance and 150 km of pond. He said the plan has been completed and the four plans have been completed so far.

According to Bogale, 90 percent of the plan has been completed. He said this is due to the fact that the farmers of the kebele are working together for the benefit of the people.

The chairman of the kebele, Zekeria Mohammed, on his part, said that the farmers of Gende farmers are carrying out the basin development work with unprecedented motivation. According to the chairman, most of the farmers in the kebele are beneficiaries of the irrigation system.

The kebele farmer, Rashid Ali, on his part said that the pond has not been able to store water for irrigation due to the siltation over the past five years.

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