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The untold story of Teamir Gizaw

Teamir is born in Agaro city near Jimma town. She is near the home of prime minister Abiy Ahimed Ali. Teamir born with her twin sister Mihret Gizaw. She got a nick name “Tima”, which her family uses to show their affection for their daughter.

In a similar news Ethiopias prime minister Abiy has finished his second book after taking office in 2018. The first one was medemer and this one is Yemedemer Menged.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s second book “Addition” or “Medemer” will reach readers tomorrow.

The new book “Way of Addition” or “Yemedemer Menged” prepared by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will be available to readers tomorrow, he said on his social media page.

“The book explores the traces of change and the way it has been added back and forth,” he said.

Dr. Abiy also described the attitudes that have brought about the change that has taken place in the past, what the reform process has been like since its inception, the good and the challenges that have arisen over time, and the accompanying stories.

“It includes my long-cherished memories and the friendly thoughts I have shared with my friends that I have written in my heart that I will not write them tomorrow,” he said.

He also expressed his hope that the book would provide a better understanding of many issues. He also said that it took more than two years to prepare the book. The book is available in two languages, Amharic and Afan Oromo, and is expected to reach readers tomorrow.

Congratulations on the 125th anniversary of the victory of Adwa! Head of Dire Dawa Prosperity Party Office, Ato Mebrate Gebreyes. He said the young generation, in particular, should understand the history and struggles of their forefathers. It is expected of all fathers and families to shape and nurture the next generation.

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