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Saron Ayelign new music clip


Recently Saron had featured on many music clips and she is still the controversial figure due to the way she dresses on these clips.

The clips are good by their own but Saron dresses are not those common among the community.

My take on Lidetu and Yilkal.

They are both the same. There is no difference between a coin and a gopher. As a result, they do not have a job. There is no mention of the good deeds they leave behind for generations to come. Building and dismantling a party. There are many similarities between the two. At least two traits are completely identical. Little did they know that they could not afford it. Neither of them seems to have an Ethiopian child who can solve Ethiopia’s political problems. When they pile up, they raise a mountain. As they stretch, they reach the equator. They are the hypocrites who claim to be “angels” while praying, saying, “We are angels.” He was born and raised.

I heard them lament the season. I felt as if their self-esteem was about to skyrocket. What good is a man if his heart is troubled and his tongue sticks to the roof of his mouth? It makes sense. What if his heart and tongue are at rest? He did not work for God. When the TPLF died, it was difficult for the comforter to say goodbye. The two sons of the same spirit were whispering their hair, stroking their chests and saying, “Oh my God, your death is for me.” When I look at it, it makes me cry about Ethiopia.

The tongue of the two standing still is teff. They are aggressive, talkative, and lame, but when they are tempted, they are exposed to the elements. These bullies, gossip mongers, have come to load us with donkeys, just as we would not have shouted at them if they had thrown empty barrels of stone at the poor man’s wedding. When the TPLF dies, he has no reason to beat his chest and touch his mourning because he is an orphan. It was my T-shirt. Why doesn’t the mother of the world, who has been importing and exporting from the dust, put her to death with such humiliation ?! Why not hit the chest !? A man who has formed a playful, running party, wearing an opposition mask and delivering fuel to the T-TPLF’s democratization will not be judged if the T-TPLF suddenly disappears, the sky turns the earth, the day is dark. I have recently learned from the lament that the great atrocities committed against the Northern Command could not be considered a tragedy for even the lifeblood of the T-TPLF. In the name of the people of Tigray, the TPLF’s disappearance from the Internet has made him more vulnerable than ever before.

His birth was tested, he was washed away by the people of his apostasy and apostasy. The debt is as heavy as it has ever been. They touch us and talk to us. They make us re-enter what we left behind. I never expected to see this man in Ethiopian politics. He swore that he had hung up his political uniform, and after he was bought, we closed the file and sent him away. The thief came to us and brought us back to mourn. What will be left of it? What have we gained in the last 30 years? What will be left of his days when he bites his tongue like a flag, bites and bites like a mad dog? What can be said about the betrayal of our poor people who were massacred in broad daylight in the 97 election, no less than the T-TPLF. When they bound him, he would say to my heart, ‘When they loose him, his tongue will hurt.’ Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

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