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Ethiopian Gold digger prank part 2


Defensive mechanisms reduce stress by distorting our thoughts and feelings in various ways that we do not accept, believe, or do not want. There are many ways to convince yourself. They will be presented in the future. Here is what Gebre Egziabher wrote in “Along the Way”

“… Every time Chief Gebru came, he said, ‘Where did your nose go?’ When Mamush touches his nose, he says, ‘Would you say that?’ They say.

‘If I were you, I would throw it away.’ So I have a nose, He never said no. Chief Gebru left his nose and his face appeared blank in thought. He smiled and said, ‘What makes you laugh?’ They said. “Instead, if you have money, what kind of nose can I buy for you?” “I don’t want to.”

By the way, do you think this boss is playing with kids in his house? in case? The same is true of the chief tax collector and his ilk. He accused every child he saw of having a long nose.

This is a reminder of the teachings of psychologist Dr. Sigmund Freud. Hey! If this boss is so worried about children about their noses, is it their fault or their problem or their secret or their nose?

Their noses are straight. What did he just say about his nose? Probably an adult in their childhood … ‘Would you call this a nose?’ He may have thought, ‘I have an ugly nose.’ And they run to hide the ugliness of their own noses and insult someone else’s nose.

What do we talk about? What does the way we play with buildings affect their psychology? Have a good time!

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