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Kassmasse with Danayit Mekbib on kana TV

About this year

Oh, this year – there is a lizard – one dollar for fifty-two birr! As if on cue! As we wait for something better to come, New Year’s Eve has just released a new Kovid teenager; What can I tell you about the difference between this and that? The potential difference between Leigh Power and the Republican Guard is.

Believe me, it was all over China, not only my finger but also the antenna! Each country is now developing its own brand of virus.

My friend Beyene was examined by doctors last time

What did he say when they said, “You have a copy”? “
Is the English South Africa?”

I’m not saying don’t catch me! If he catches me, pray for the Ethiopian to reach me! Sometimes when I’m bored, I call a friend in Addis Ababa or Markos;

“ How is the covid? ”

“ It caught me yesterday and no more “ , he Said.

“Love never fails without hurting, hurting, hurting! How can he let you go? ”

I remember something, As I stand in front of the old Caldis Cafe and pick up contraband shoes, a palm touches my shoulder; I turned around and someone said, “Oh, I’m sorry, you look like someone I know,” and let go of my shoulder for a few seconds. My friends in Sheger said, “This is what I remember!

The city where I live has all started masking! You will not receive a service if you do not install another Geberdin mask on the Surgeon’s Mask; A little later, I think oxygen itself gives us gall bladder;

To avoid this and similar problems, I would like to take a look at YouTube: What do I see? Politics? He didn’t show it to luck! I was relieved to see so many beautiful girls dancing yesterday! I was amazed to see Lady Gaga partially recruited by her countrymen while wearing a t-shirt at the Exhibition Center! In our time, the clip was in a shy mood! Alemayehu Eshete cooks for me and says, “You’re a stranger.

My guest, go in the door and rest.” She is flirting and repeating the same thing over and over again! But both of them do not dare to enter Guada! The song begins and ends outside the courtyard; Today I see ten ladies dancing around a teenager in a limousine! Although I believed it was their right, I could not hide my anger at the singer! I am sitting here proudly drinking the cold of the land; How the chief sabbatical: Is it surrounded by cords like the moon? Not really fair!

Let me add something serious! I see a lot of my countrymen resenting pornographic videos; It is better not to see! Such videos do not thrive without a view! But my countryman is quick to complain! If so, why not?

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