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Symptoms of mental illness in Afar

Caliph Mohammed came from Afar. We are drinking tea and talking about mental health. In Afar, there is a saying, “Sinam Elle Sugte Weelol Cabbotta.” I’ve got.

“what does it mean?” “When a person is suffering from a mental illness, the behavior and what he says depends on his life’s journey or work.” I’ve got.

“Explain it to me in parables.” I said, “For example, when a businessman has a mental illness, he is talking about business or bankruptcy. If he is a religious person, he is talking about something related to religion.” I’ve got.

It’s amazing. This has been confirmed by research. Serious mental illness is present in all parts of the world. The unusual behavior and speech of people with severe mental illness and the unusual speech they speak are caused by chemical disturbances in the brain, but their content depends on their culture, environment and life journey. In our country, for example, they ‘booked me.’ It is said. Westerners say, ‘My computer has been hacked.’ My computer is bugged. They say.

In our country and in the Arab world, “it has risen.” “Ataque de nervios is a rising force in Latin America,” he said. They say.

My friend Khalifa spoke an Afar language that was full of ideas and made me travel a lot. thank you.

Mental health is an issue for all of us.

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