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Kassmasse – Maleda | New Amazing Ethiopian Music

Kassmasse – Maleda Music Video

Kassmasse has released his first official music video on hiw own YouTube channel and it is really a great one. He blends hip hop with culture.

What made your pain worse?

A patient with depression entered. She spent many years in medicine. She was in good health while undergoing treatment. Recently, however, her condition worsened. “What made your pain worse?” I asked her.

“I’ve been married for eight months now. But we have a baby. It’s been months since I said I would get pregnant tomorrow. Doctor, how jealous I am. When I see a pregnant woman, I envy myself.” She said … “I understand your anxiety.” I told her.

I remember the patient I treated a month ago. She also monitored my depression. But when she came to the appointment, her condition worsened. She has been married for three years. Her husband and she did not want to become pregnant until they made some adjustments. Unexpected pregnancy. She is very worried. “A child is a gift from God.” Pushing her advice, I bit my tongue and listened intently. She told me in detail what she was feeling … “I understand your anxiety.” I told her. She told me that many people would give her advice before she finished speaking.

In psychiatry, we understand that people with different illnesses have different lifestyles. Therefore, we recommend that the treatment be pain-based but individual-centered. Also, when people talk to us about their problems, they say, “Advise him! Advise him!” We do not advise people just because the pressure comes because we know there is pressure. We only give advice when it is necessary and very rarely. Counseling means “I know you; do what I tell you. I care about you; Says.

However, biting the tongue when it comes to counseling is one of the most important psychological skills.

By Doctor Yonas Lakew

Written by Editor


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