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Actress, Designer and Entrepreneur Fryat Yemane

Actress, Designer and Entrepreneur Fryat Yemane
Fryat addressed what kind of man can get her attention in a recent interview with Kaleb show.
Question: If you are asked to marry and you have to get married, tell us 3 things that the man needs to fulfill?

Fryats Answer is the following.
1 st:- I would love to have a God-fearing person
2 nd :- A hard worker man impresses me
3 rd :- Listener! I would love to get heard by him

She thinks there is a man out there who can fulfill all these criteria as well as being a handsome.

One of the most important aspects of a community’s identity and tourist attractions is the nature and composition of the natural landscape.

Traditional foods and beverages up to the whole system Clothing and accessories Home and field accessories. Months of days and seasons and calendar.

Various festivals and names to their full ceremonies. Weddings and mourning ceremonies. Spiritual relics and ceremonies. Historical sites and historians. Including works of art and music.

In order to pass on the identity of a generation, all of this must be properly documented and taught. It is not uncommon in our country to teach a generation based on documentation, not on words and deeds.

Although we offer only a small part or a small amount of tourist attractions, we have a deep value and attraction, but we do not use our resources as much as we can. As far as I know, Hailemariam Fana can be described as trying to summarize the above-mentioned core issues as outlined in this book.

It can be an educational tool for children and young people, and if it is translated from Amharic into foreign languages, it will be of great benefit to extend the stay of tourists and make us more aware of ourselves. It is impossible not to appreciate young Hailemariam, as such work requires paying attention to seemingly trivial matters.

Alemayehu Wase(Dr.)

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