How Kana Television Succeded in Ethiopia

Gold is poured out of the door of a fool (Mesfin Getachew – the author of Selesus). There are repeated voices of opposition. This is due to the fact that Kana TV has started a series of TV dramas collected from different countries in Amharic language Lipp Sing (translating the characters’ speech into Amharic and playing for our country’s actors). They have tried to link it / it will also make Ethiopian filmmakers out of the market, etc.

Indeed, the origin of Kana is very dangerous. It can also hurt our filmmakers. But I see no reason why Kana should be blamed or blamed. It is not Kana’s strategy that is attacking us, but our own laziness. Instead of working hard to make a movie that appeals to our audience with ninety million virgins, we half-heartedly opened our doors to the spectators by staring at the half-hearted Ethiopian films that are not even serious about the origins and destinations of Arti Burti. We are the ones who shed gold.

But Kana did nothing for us. As an entertainment company, he came up with the idea and started working. In my opinion, it is absolutely disgraceful to oppose Kana and which TV and to recommend it. After all, it is not going to get anywhere, and it will not only deprive the viewer of his choice in the morning, but it will also prevent him from seeing anything better, and it will also mean that you should only watch the narration that we present to you. People of any country always choose to see their own history, their own culture, their own art, etc., unless they have no choice.

No matter how close the history and culture of another nation is, it can never be taken for granted. Everyone has a deep love for himself and for all that belongs to him. If you look around every Ethiopian house today, you will find that more than eighty and ninety percent of Ethiopian channels are open. In addition, despite the fact that the international music industry has reached a high point today, some of the most incredible music in the world have been produced and marketed.

All of this is not without reason. As much as we rejoice in the victory of Haile and Derartu, as much as we mourn the defeat of the national teams, we also call our country’s television and art work our number one priority. It is expected that they will take their time and work hard again and again. However, are we afraid that he will be able to defeat us in front of our own field and in front of our own spectators?

When Ethiopia and Egypt play their final World Cup qualifiers at the Addis Ababa Stadium, it is seen as a threat that the spectators could turn their backs on the Egyptian team.

That could never be the case. Of course, if we were to lash out in the past with laziness and ridicule the viewer, we would have to bend down a thousand times, not just once.

But if we can overcome our laziness and strengthen ourselves in any way we can, we can be sure that we will do our best to please the audience.

Truly, I tell you, Ethiopians who have supported all seven national teams in Algiers with courage will never be ashamed unless we ridicule them. We agree that the government should turn its back on us. It doesn’t take us long to get out of the ground and claim to be a cultural advocate. It is safe to say that the government will not shut down the television station or paralyze it.

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