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Accreditation of 23 schools revoked

Ethiopian quality and accreditation agency is working towards making all schools , including governmental and private schools follow the rules and regulations of the country in order to build the nation that have values.

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Accreditation of 23 schools revoked.

Addis Ababa City Administration Education Training Quality Professional Qualification Certification Authority announced that it has revoked the accreditation of 23 schools that did not meet the required qualifications and quality in the first half of the year.

He made the announcement at a stakeholder consultation meeting on the first half of the 10-year prosperity report in Adama yesterday.

Schools have had their licenses revoked because they have been repeatedly warned to fix their problems.

There are 15 kindergartens, 7 primary schools and 1 high school whose certificates have been revoked.

There are various ways in which inspections can be improved before taking action against schools, but action has been taken against those who have been repeatedly warned and refused to take action, according to the authority.

According to the EPDP, 818 schools have been inspected and 818 schools have been renewed this year.

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