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Afomia – Based on a true love story

Afomia – Based on a true love story

My name is Aphomia and I would like to tell you what my life has shown me. Everybody thinks good of themselves … tomorrow they want a better place but we forget that our life today is the way of life we want tomorrow …

Most of the time I use social media, but I never thought it would affect my life one day. Many men in my life come and go. That’s when a boy named Micah came into my life …

We met on social media and it seems to be quiet most of the time.

If there is an online, we talk, but it is not often. Just like a boy on the internet says he loves women, we have become a bus impostor.

Of course, we did not understand this … Our friend Hermon was injured by men at different times. … They approach her, saying, “I love you, but the end is not beautiful.” It is this attitude that has brought me closer to many.

I was shocked … I was even more surprised when I did a lot of things. Mickey never lied or cheated on me. He tells me this is it.

Meanwhile, Rebekah, one of my friends, asked me a lot about each other. She stared at the text message … She was surprised when she read it. At the end, she asked me about Mickey’s face. She lives in Germany and I was shocked.

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