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Adey weded at Mekedonia

Famous Adey drama actress Bemnet Mulugeta weded at Mekedonia as a gesture of respect to her fans and family.

“Aradan again” 90-day human-oriented development projects were graduated

The people-oriented development works carried out in ninety days to make Arada sub-city comfortable and attractive for its residents was completed in the presence of senior leaders of the city, public agents and various sections of society and residents who benefited from the development, including the head of the Addis Ababa office of the Prosperity Party, Ato Moges Balcha.

The head of the Addis Ababa office of the Prosperity Party, Mr. Moges Balcha, in his message at the inauguration program of the projects, noted that the development works started by the new government at the palace to make Addis Ababa new as its name has been strengthened in the 90 days of people-oriented development activities in our city.

Ato Moges, who pointed out that the development initiatives of the leadership and our people are increasing in the 90-day development projects, strengthened the participation of the residents and investors of the district and conveyed the message that the tourist destinations that fit the name and history of Aradan should be expanded.

Ato Moges said that if we coordinate our existing capabilities and use them for development, we can change our city as well as our country.

The Chief Executive Officer of Arada Sub-city, Ato Mola Kunja explained that in the past three months, with the close support and supervision of the city management, with the participation of investors and residents, development works have been carried out that have changed the lives of the residents and improved the image of the sub-city with the participation of investors and residents.

He explained that among the 90 days of development work, many blocks and schools have been modeled to make the sub-city beautiful and attractive, and six-story and three-story buildings are being built by investors to ease the housing problem.

Roadside dividers, squares, beautification of 70 and 100 levels, youth sports center, bakery and shops, as well as digital time control to help modernize the service were completed and opened for use in the last ninety days. It was pointed out that encouraging efforts have been made to benefit the returnees and residents of the city in Lemat Turufat and urban agriculture works.

In the program, recognition and gratitude gifts were given to institutions and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the human-oriented development works carried out in Arada sub-city in the last 90 days.

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