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Hiwot, who is 9 years ol, given a new home

Addis Ababa city administration given Hiwot and her brother a new home. Hiwot is raising her brother alone.

After the change, steps were taken to increase political participation and inclusiveness.
Adam Farah, Vice President of the Prosperity Party and Head of the Party’s Head Office.

To see the hope that the change brought; It is necessary to remember the political, economic and social conditions.
Before the change, there were mainly problems caused by anti-democratic practices and the progressive erosion of the values ​​of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Due to anti-democratic practices, the political and democratic environment has been narrowed, and the freedom environment has narrowed. Democratic institutions were weakened and massive human rights violations were committed. At that time, instead of identifying the causes of conflicts and disagreements, there were tendencies to forcefully suppress and confirm only negativity; The problems combined have made the government less popular.

There was a lot of pushback, along with a decline in the value of brotherhood and sisterhood. A narrative of difference was prevalent, with exclusion rather than inclusion. Instead of national unity, there was a problem that opened the door for extremism to spread.

Important political steps have been taken to change the difficult conditions. In this way, efforts are being made to destroy false narratives and build an Ethiopia based on national unity.

Mr. Adem said that the idea of ​​inclusion has come to the fore. He said that the main focus of our work is to consolidate the good things we have and ensure the universal prosperity of our country.

Efforts to challenge the existence of our country have failed due to the changes in ideas and narratives made after the change. It has been possible to strengthen the country because people have been created a favorable environment for standing together on national issues and common interests.

On the other hand, after the change, there were opportunities to increase political participation and inclusiveness. At the party level, a unified party has been established to help parties that have no chance to decide on national issues to become part of the national leadership party.

By freeing political prisoners, various individuals who were in exile in foreign countries were allowed to enter their country and promote their ideas freely. In general, the measures taken towards inclusiveness have achieved a wide range of results.

Legal reform works have been carried out to help modernize our political system and strengthen the democratic system. The election law, anti-terrorism, welfare and civil society decrees and other legal amendments have been made. The reforms play an important role in strengthening the democratic system.

Legal, judicial and democratic institutions have been organized to help them discharge their constitutional responsibilities with freedom and impartiality. Extensive efforts have been made to strengthen the Election Board, human rights and other institutions in terms of leadership and law.

Reforms have been carried out to help the security institutions fulfill their constitutional obligations and a favorable environment has been created for the expansion of the democratic environment.
The kingdom of change is through trials. In the process, citizens are given a wide opportunity to experience freedom; They explained that there has been a gap in terms of using their freedom in a law and order manner. On the other hand, extremism caused the death of citizens, displacement and destruction of property.

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