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South Sudan: Ethio Telecom senior management representative

Ethiopia Ethio Telecom’s senior management delegation headed by Ethio Telecom’s CEO Frehiwot Tamru paid a working visit to South Sudan.

The delegation held talks with South Sudan’s Minister of Information, Communications and Postal Services, the National Communications Authority and other South Sudanese ministers and senior leaders.

In their discussion, they discussed the need for telecom infrastructure in South Sudan and the telecom infrastructure construction works that can be done in cooperation between the two sister countries.

The South Sudanese authorities appreciated the desire of Ethio Telecom to explore the telecom market in South Sudan and stated that they are ready to provide all necessary support for Ethio Telecom’s participation in the sector.

The CEO of Ethio Telecom, on his part, reminded that the institution is 128 years old and the leading telecom operator in Africa.

By sharing the company’s good experience in Ethio Telecom’s infrastructure construction and management to ensure affordability, they affirmed their readiness to participate in the South Sudan government’s efforts to ensure accessibility and affordability of telecom services.

During the visit, the delegation held discussions with the heads of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Airlines regarding their business activities and experiences in South Sudan.

Along with this, a strategic partnership agreement was signed with Telemobile South Sudan Limited Company in the field of international internet communication line, telecom infrastructure construction and provision of telecom services and other related services.

The information we received from Etio Telecom indicates that during the delegation’s stay, South Sudan’s top government officials as well as the management of the Telemobile company expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the welcome and hospitality they received.

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