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Fenan Hidru comforting words for Tarikus family

Fenan Hidru instagram Message

Fenan Hidru is one of the working partners of late artist Tariku Birhanu aka Baba. She is in tears while sharing her message. The two have performed on many Ethiopian movies together and her feeling is obvious.

Fenan Hidru Instagram story


This is the observation from a friend.

For the actor, the handsome, the famous actor, the story describes the light “rested”. The light of the story indeed rested from that miserable life. That handsome, the flower of our country’s film, the source of all our laughter, his actual life was full of bitter sorrow. When the actor who blew us away with his work returned to his own life, his appearance was like no other. None of us care about the man, but about the work. Such is our life. None of us care about anyone else’s life.

The story was especially sad about his life after the breakup of his marriage. The way in which the marriage broke up and the related issues, the slowdown in the film market and the lack of work by that sought-after actor broke the story psychologically. Loneliness hurt him. The stalwart actor in the public eye is starving. Looking for someone, he lost someone. As in the beginning, only his mother was by his side in the end.

The story was about the loss of a loved one and the loneliness that was more painful than the pain. When the actor who was so dear fell ill with pain and emotional breakdown, his mother fell into a wretched hut, and no one turned around to see him.

He didn’t have a friend to go to his house even to say “May God take you”. Because of this, the idea of ​​day and night in the story had to rise again from where it had fallen and show that he is a man. He was once again standing in front of the camera with his amazing acting. But it didn’t happen.

Today, the story’s mother’s house is filled with famous artists. There is a lot of crying over the story today. Tomorrow the funeral will be celebrated. An autopsy has been scheduled. A garland of flowers is showered upon him. But all this has nothing to do with the story.

If only a few of the artists who highlighted his cry today had stood by his side, perhaps he would have been able to recover from his death, which was accelerated by the dissolution of his marriage, his wife, his colleagues, and the lack of humanity. If he was surrounded by people, he passed away sleeping alone. The story today is a relief from a lot of pain.

The story is that when Barhanu went back to his mother’s house in desperation and fell asleep, among all his friends and suitors, he was the only one appointed as an actress who paid for his medicine and medical expenses. I have no words to thank this girl. I thank her for being such a person in a place where people were lost before. Thank you again.

When a few of his friends showed him a film and asked him to give him the money, the story goes, he refused. It probably has many reasons. When an actor went to visit his mother’s house in the religious area where his old friend was sleeping, he received him crying. That’s the extent of losing someone.

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