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Fryat Yemane comforts Tarikus fans and family

He escaped with kindness!

Ethiopia (1977-2015) Director Artist. The author’s story is the biography of Birhanu Anbaw (Baba)…

The story of Birhanu Anbau with the nickname (Baba) was born in 1977 in Addis Ababa, Teklehaymanot Geja Sefer Kebele 43.

His story is many films and he has acted in more than 46 films in the field of art.

It was in time that man entered the heart.

His first film was #Laundry #Boy leaving us with Sayat Demsey Ke Temples and so on, his character name was Baba. Because of this, he was able to get the name.
Elias Melka made the music introduction of the film.

He not only acted in the film Village, but also worked as a director and writer. An example of this is the movie My Case.

The story is that Birhanu Baba was an artist who did not want media attention, lived in hiding, and did not want to be seen.

Fortunately, there is no limit to the round. His social life was friendly and playful

The Secret of Kindness (Baba)

  • In 2000, Ethiopian Eye Bank agreed and promised to donate his eyeballs when he was 23 years old. This has also been implemented with the cooperation of family and friends.
  • He was extremely humble in his social life and behavior even when he collected money for the construction of the church with his friends.

Few of the films he has made…

Laundry Boy, The Engineer, Bole Mankya, Peace Be, My Brother Jacob, My Case, Like Husband and Wife, Gossip Girl, Eorika, etc.

He has won recognition for his films

  • The 12th Ethiopian International Festival for Best Actor
  • 2nd Leza Howard Award
  • Best actor on the 7th New Music Howard DJ Baby
  • Ambassador of Eye Bank of Ethiopia

Among the artists we have worked with…

Kasahun Fisha, Segen Yifatar, Solomon Muhe, Selem Tesfaye, Mahder Asefa, Hana Yohannes, Issam Abesha Ismail Hasan, Sayat Demse, Mekonn Laek, Job Dawit, Zeritu Kebede, Helen Bedlu, Shewit Kebede, Fanan Aderu with veteran and young actors etc. .

The story is that Berhanu Anbau (Baba) got married to the actress Kalkidan Sabu and had a child.

Kind, gentle, the secret of his kindness was limitless.

He passed away on December 2, 2015 at the age of 38.

Temesgen Ukare son of Hage

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