It is our happiest day

This is a big opportunity for the fans accross Ethiopia to reflect on the artist they dearly like and love.

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Agra announced a $550 million fund to fight the food security crisis in Africa

The Coalition for Africa’s Food Revolution (AGRA) has announced a US$550 million seed fund for the continent’s efforts to ensure its own food security.

The charity organization “Agra” (Agra), chaired by the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Haile Mariam Desalegn, plans to benefit 28 million farmers in 15 African countries.

According to the new policy, the organization will pay special attention to increasing agricultural productivity and income, The East Africa reported, quoting the chairman of the board.

It was also stated that the main focus of the organization in the next five years will be on improving the seed use system, increasing government participation, agricultural input supply chain and addressing climate change problems.

Experts in the field also say that the farmers in the region are bearing the current external pressure, including climate change and the increase in the price of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers.

It has been suggested that the hard-earned agricultural products are currently under threat due to external events, especially the effects of climate change, and attention should be paid to the issue.

Agra’s board chairman Hailemariam Desalegn stated that the seasonal droughts in East Africa and the strong storms in Southern Africa have had a negative impact.

The report also pointed out that the problems of weather and climate change, combined with the increase in the price of agricultural inputs, are causing an impact on agricultural production and productivity.

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