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First Lady Znash Tayeh handed over the houses and shops they had built in Kolfe Karanio.

First Lady Znash Tayah handed over the residential houses and shops they built in Kolfe Karanio sub-city district 1 Zenework, Zewde Meda area to the residents.

Addis Ababa City Administration Mayor Adanech Abebe and local residents attended the ceremony.

It will be remembered that the First Lady Znash Tayeh, who visited the area two months ago, saw the plight of the residents and started the construction of houses.

Within 75 days, 20 residential houses and 15 shops were completed and handed over to the residents today.

It is said that those who were given house gifts are mainly leprosy victims, weak and disabled.

The construction is on 800 square meters and it is said that more than 20 million Birr has been spent.

The New Year’s house gift given to the residents consists of sofa, bed, mattress, kitchen utensils, toilet and bathroom.

At the handing over of the houses, First Lady Znash Thaya shared a meal with the residents in the new village.

The light that the First Lady handed over to the residents today is named Residential Village-1, and it is stated that the construction will be strengthened in the future as it needs the support of many community members in the area.

First Lady Znash Tayah called on humanitarian organizations and individuals to support them. (A/A Press Secretariat)

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