Saturday on ebs eve show

Ebs celebrated the eve of Ethiopian new year in 2000 habesha cultural restaurant. There held a dance competitiJanggested

The opening ceremony of the 35th African Union Summit is underway.

Speaking at the conference, Union Commissioner Musafaki Mahamat raised the most important issues and asked for a wide-ranging discussion, especially the recurring security threat of coups in the continent, lack of food security, and the issue of Israel, which has requested an observer position in the Union, for an open discussion.

In addition, the commissioner said that our relations with each other should be reconsidered and pointed out that there is a danger that the relations between the countries in each region are getting worse.

In his speech, the Prime Minister of the Federi, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, recalled that the union had not been convened for more than 2 years and reminded us that we had to deal with the human lives taken by the corona virus, as well as the improper distribution of the vaccine against the virus and other challenges.

The Prime Minister said that our continent deserves to work with attention in the agricultural sector. He mentioned the success of the irrigation works in our country as an example.

In addition, the Prime Minister decided that the continent should ask the United Nations to renew itself. The prime minister said that Africa needs at least 2 permanent and 5 alternate membership positions for the reform of the 70-year-old organization, which was broadcast live.

In addition, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, who said that Africa needs an international media, said that we should talk about our own issues.
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres also spoke at the conference.

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