Amazing new year celebration

New year amazing celebration.

In Addis Ababa, more than 1,600 couples divorced in 2014

👉 In the year, on average, more than 4 couples divorced each day

The director of the agency’s planning and budget directorate, Ato Tgabu Shumei, said that the Addis Ababa Vital Event Registration and Information Agency registered more than 14,000 marriages, 1,623 divorces, 8,947 deaths, 30,000 births, and more than 100 adoptions in the 2014 fiscal year.

Compared to the same period in 2013, birth registration increased by 63 percent, marriage registration increased by 0.79 percent, and death registration increased by 48.20 percent. At the same time, they stated that the registration of divorce and registration of adoption was high.

In order to improve the coverage of current registration, the agency, which recently started a one-center service in health facilities jointly with the city health office, has been increased from five public health facilities to 22 private and public health facilities.

In total, the agency provided 203,418 residents with companionship, relationship verification, residency verification, and residency services in the 2014 fiscal year. Compared to the same period of the fiscal year 2013, it has been pointed out that it has a higher service.

It was planned to give 846,135 manual residence IDs and it was possible to give them to 1,024,062 customers, and it was possible to exceed the plan due to the problem of system interruption and the work done to relieve the number of customers (queue) created when the interrupted service was allowed. Ato Tgabu added that services have been provided to 3.4 million residents of the city and foreigners, he told Bisrat Radio.

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