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About 70 thousand foreign nationals living in Ethiopia have registered to be legal

The work of legalizing the citizens of foreign countries who entered Ethiopia illegally is being carried out and in the past few days about 70 thousand citizens of foreign countries have been registered, said the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Alem.

He added that the reason for the extension of the registration is to give the opportunity to the citizens of foreign countries who did not register by the deadline due to various reasons. Bisrat Radio heard from the ambassador that this opportunity was given for the last time.

So far, more than 70,000 foreign nationals from 36 countries have registered. The registrants are from Canada, USA, Congo, Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, China, Eritrea, Burundi, Ghana, Bangladesh, India, Liberia, Cameroon and Italy.

Bisrat Radio heard that the registration is to establish a legal procedure and to legalize the citizens of foreign countries with expired visas, not to chase them.

The registration is being done around Oromia and it is expected that 150 thousand foreign citizens will be registered. The registration will continue in other regions and will be done in Addis Ababa 121 registration station.

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